About Us Pandit Dairy Farm

Pandit Dairy Farm, a renowned supplier of high-quality Cow and Buffalo breeds from Karnal, started a business with aim to deliver high-yielding cattle breeds. Our entire herd of cattle has been thoroughly vaccinated and is disease-free, energetic, and productive. These cattle are regularly evaluated for health issues and given proper medications to keep them fit and safe. Our veterinary professionals keep a constant eye on the health of our dairy cows. To guarantee their health and well-being, they have regular health check-ups and vaccinations. They also look at the activities, feeding patterns, and other behavioral characteristics of cattle before sourcing them for our clients. Further, only the fully fit, healthy, and quality cattle are delivered to clients. Moreover, when it comes to making fodder for our cows, we always utilize the best ingredients and never compromise on the feed’s quality or grade. In addition, we devote love and care to our cows to ensure their emotional well-being!

Mr. Sandeep Kumar Joshi

Pandit Dairy Farm was founded by the great visionary, Mr. Sandeep Kumar Joshi. A journey that began in 2020, in Karnal set the stage for a revolution in the country’s dairy industry. His expertise & advice, and highly experienced and skilled professional management staff, contribute to the day-to-day operations of the Dairy farm. Our Farm provides Livestock Consultancy Services, in which our professional experts provide sound advice on matters such as animal health, vaccination, ruminant nutrition, and so on.

Why “Pandit Dairy Farms”?

We are a friendly, young, and professional firm that values our consumers. We pay attention to and respond to our clients’ issues to deliver the best options and most relevant choices.  Furthermore, one of our key traits is our excellence, which has led us to seek out new approaches and methods for performing tasks correctly and perfectly.

Provide Excellent Facilities

Our cross-bred Cows & Buffaloes are known world- over for their ability to produce high-quality milk. Each dairy animal on our farm is kept in perfect condition. Proper attention is paid to cattle for health & purity. To obtain a high quantity and quality of milk, we treat our Dairy Farm Animals with the utmost care. Our cattle give better milk! Their creamier, more nourishing milk tastes better than anything else.

Nutritious Feed & Fodder

We hire nutritionists who take care of our sourced livestock. They are all animal lovers and understand the complexities of handling them with extreme caution. Our team members specialize in managing all of the cattle's needs including feeding, grazing and providing ideal solutions. They are aware of their routines and behaviors and give food and medication accordingly.

Provide Medication Facilities

Healthy and disease-free livestock is crucial for high yielding milk production. We, Pandit Dairy Farm don't compromise on the health or hygiene of cattle. Our team collaborates with its veterinarians, who monitor their physical health regularly to guarantee that they are disease-free. We vaccinate all of our dairy farm animals and other farm animals regularly to prevent health problems and infections.

Our Nurturing

Professionally hired nutritionists provide care for the cattle. What we teach our employees is it's not about what we want; it's about what the cattle want! So the cows get expert loving care all the way. We provide separate areas for animal excretion, drinking water tankers, and covered sleeping quarters, among other things, so that farm animals can live happily until they are adopted.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing top-quality products, services, and consultancy solutions to our customers; it will help them to improve their operational and financial performance.

Our Vision

To become a successful dairy producer who places a high value on animal breeding. This approach is backed not just by enhanced milk production but also by increased internal herd growth.

Company’s key features

• Good dairy farming practices
• Ethical business practices
• Timely delivery
• Customer Focus
• Social responsibility and economic sustainability

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