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What Are Common Cow Breeds Found At Biggest Dairy Farm In Karnal

There are many several to choose from when it comes to cattle in India. One should pick a high-end and certified trader to get high-quality cows regardless of their breed. The cattle tend to have different objectives. Certain breeds are meant for milk production, and some are for draught purposes. Here is a complete guide to the types of cattle and various types of breeds available at Pandit Dairy Farm.

Types Of Cattle

There are around 26 breeds currently found in India. Out of these, some are meant for milk production, and some are for draught work. When it comes to cattle in India, they are of three types:

Milch Breeds: Milch breeds are the most demanded cows out there. Around 4 to 5 breeds are known to produce a large amount of highly nutritious milk and are bought by dairy companies. They are usually heavily built with curled horns and pendulous dewlap. The bulls of these cattle types are not that useful.

Draught Breeds: Around seven breeds of draught cattle are found in India. They do not produce a large amount of milk. But they are sturdy and meant for heavy-duty work. Bullocks of these breeds are more valuable than their female counterparts.

Dual Purpose: There are certain breeds like Kankrej, Ongole, and Hariana, which are known to have a dual purpose. It is when cows of the same breed give milk, and the bullocks are good for draught purposes.

Common Milch Indian Breeds

Milk breeds in the best dairy farming in karnal are India’s most highly demanded breeds due to their milk production and their sturdy dual purpose as draught animals.

1. Red Sindhi

The history of this breed goes back to Sind and Karachi, which is Pakistan. However, they are popular in India as one of the milch breeds. They are medium-sized cattle of dark reddish color and well-proportioned bodies. Their face is broad, horns are thick, and a heavy sheath and dewlap with a muscular hump on the back. The females weigh around 290 kg and the males around 450 kg. Also, the average milk yield of the breed is 2000 kg.

2. Sahiwal

The history of this breed is again in Pakistan’s Montgomery district. Currently, in India, they are found in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana. They are one of the high-yielding and high-quality milch breeds in India. They have a dull color or reddish tint, and some may have spots in black or white. They have a heavy body that is symmetrical with stumpy horns. These cows weigh in a range from 340 to 520 kgs.

3. Gir

These are again a milch breed that originates from Gujarat’s Kathiawar district. They have leaf-like ears, a prominent forehead, and are usually red or black. The body is well-shaped, with giant udders. The males weigh around 500 kgs, and the females weigh 380 kgs. Also, the males are heavy workers; however, they can be slow. The average milk production of this breed is 2000 kgs.

Choosing the right cow from the biggest dairy farm in karnal can take some time as there are many breeds to pick from. However, one should focus on the objective of the cattle and how well they will fare in certain conditions before buying.

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